Welcome To My Humble Studio

One day, I hope to have a spacious workspace that looks out upon a wildflower field through large glass windows. But for now, I've settled for a humble little corner of our apartment. After all, big, bright, watercolor things can come in small packages! For now, all of the magic happens here.

My Happy Place: The Great Outdoors

With such a small space to paint, how do I stay inspired? Well, in nature of course! I take long walks along Austin's many parks, farms and wildflower fields to find inspiration for new illustrations, patterns, and products.

After gathering inspiration, I start sketches for new designs. Then comes painting, scanning, editing, and ordering samples of new products, always made from the best quality manufacturers in the USA. Final step: Careful packaging and speedy delivery to you!

Planet-Friendly Products

All of the USA-made paper used in my shop is sourced from sustainable forests and made from 30% post-consumer waste. The inks used to print my art are archival-quality, meaning they are resistant to the elements (that beautiful sunlight) and build to last for generations to come.