A City Girl Gone Country

I'm Carrie, the flower and animal-loving gal behind the brush. I created Carrie And The Brush to pass on the joy watercolor has given me to all of you, through custom artwork and irresistible paper goodies.

I'm a born and bred New Yorker, but recently moved to Austin, Texas, to be a bit closer to the nature I treasure so much. I find inspiration in flowers, wildlife, and the joy and awe my little ones find in the outdoors.

When I became a mom last year, I had a light-bulb moment: - nursery decor isn't for newborns - it's for MOMS! I mean, let's be real, folks, babies can't even see in color. Since my apartment was too tiny to design the nursery of my dreams, I set out to help you create yours. After all, you'll be spending a lot - and I mean, A LOT - of time there.

If you dig my style, my hope is that you find something here that will bring the wonder of the wild into your home, for the whole family to enjoy. Xo,​ Carrie

Special Projects

Each year I dedicate time to take on special projects that speak to me and fulfill my mission of spreading joyful products throughout the world.

CATB X The Sleepy Sloth

This year, I partnered with The Sleepy Sloth to bring the sweetest floral alphabet jammies to hundreds of mommas and kids. If you have a high quality product in need of an irresistible, kid-friendly design, I'm your gal!

Illustration: A Bouquet of Words

I work with select authors to illustrate for projects that speak to me. My latest partnership included creating over 30 custom illustrations for a book about the meaning of flowers.